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To be admitted as aregular student to the SMARH program, applicants must apply to the program and be successful in the selection process that takes place every year for MSc applicants and twice a year for PhD applicants. Application terms (application deadlines, tests, dates, required documentation etc.) are described in a specific document, a Call for Applicationsto be published on this website as soon as the application period starts, usually in May-June (only for PhD applications) and in October-November (MSc and PhD applications) each year.

There are specific admission processes addressed to foreign candidates and to Brazilians who are permanent residents in foreign countries as described below.

Foreign students

There are four frameworks for foreign candidates and for Brazilians who are permanent residents in foreign countries to be admitted in the program:

(1) PEC/PG (Student's program - partnership - Graduate education)
. PEC/PG is a Brazilian funding program kept by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education aiming at supporting students from developing countries with which Brazil maintains cultural and scientific agreements in pursuing their MSc or PhD education in a Brazilian university. Program regulation, application procedures and a list of program partner countries are available here.

As part of the application process, applicants must obtain a conditional acceptance letter from the graduate program. In case of the SMARH program, students applying for a PEC/PG grant have to submit the following documents to require an acceptance letter:

- Application form (click here to download it);
- Curriculum Vitae (click here to download the CV form);
- Two letters of recommendation from the applicant's university of origin (free format);
- Research project.

The research project (8 to 10 pages, with single spacing and Times New Roman size 12 font) has to be organised according to the following items:

- General information: Title; Applicant's name; Major; Research line.
- Introduction / Background;
- General and specific research objectives;
- Relevance of the proposed research topic;
- Originality of the research topic;
- Research methodology;
- Estimated schedule;
- References.

Research projects are preferred in Portuguese, although Spanish and English may also be accepted.

(2) Open public admission process. In this admission process, applicants compete for the available positions on an open basis, available to the general public (Brazilian citizens or foreigners). The procedures and regulations adopted in the SMARH admission process are described in the Call for Applications, which is published annually on SMARH website in May-June for admission in August the same year (PhD applications only), and in October-November for admission in March of the following year (MSc and PhD applications).

Students may be granted Brazilian scholarships during their education in Brazil, although the number of scholarships is restricted and some funding agencies only grant funding to Brazilian citizens or permanent residents in Brazil.

(3) Continuous open public admission process for foreign candidates and for Brazilians who are permanent residents in foreign countries: This process is conceived to foreign candidates and to Brazilians who are permanent residents in foreign countries. A mandatory condition for enrolment in UFMG under this modality is the demonstration by the candidate that she or he will be funded throughout her or his education at UFMG, by a foreign or international organisation.Students may submit their candidatures at any time during the year. Basically, documents and the research project required are the same as those of the PEC PG as described above. Please contact the SMARH secretariat (e-mail address: for further information.

(4) PhD double degree agreements (cotutelle). PhD students may be accepted to the SMARH program at any time under UFMG double degree agreements with partner institutions. Since these agreements have specific conditions depending on eachpartner institution, please contact the SMARH secretariat (e-mail address: for further information on admission procedures.

Resultado Final Processo Seletivo Doutorado 2022/2 do PPG-SMARH (Saneamento)
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Application Form
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Curriculum Vitae - Doctorate (PhD)
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