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Foreign students: Registration at UFMG, Visa and related information

Entrance Visas - Temporary Visa IV

General information addressed to foreigners visiting Brazil for tourism, work or study can be found here.

All foreign visitors must have a passport and an entrance visa. The passport must be valid for the entire period of stay in Brazil. Temporary visas usually granted to visiting students are those of category Visa item IV (VITEM IV). These visas are obtained at the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate closest to the student country of origin, before his/her arrival to Brazil. Addresses and websites of Brazilian consulates abroad can be found here.

VITEM IV may be granted to foreigners who come to Brazil as students and those who participate in the so called ''split sandwich programs'', with or without a scholarship.
VITEM IV will be valid for a maximum period of one year, which may be extended in Brazil for successive periods of equal duration according to the total duration of the education program the student is pursuing in Brazil upon application to DPMAF (Divisão de PolíciaMarítima,Aérea e de Fronteiras Federal Police).

Consular authorities are likely to request the following documents:

- Passport;
- Letter of acceptance from UFMG;
- Proof of means of subsistence in Brazil;
- Proof of no prior penal involvement or local equivalent document;
- International immunization certificate, if required;
- Health certificate, if required.

For additional information on obtaining a visa to Brazil, please visit the Brazilian General Consulate website in your country.

Registration with the Federal Police

Any person bearing temporary visas I, IV, or V must register with the Department of Federal Police within 30 days after entering the Brazilian territory. A temporary foreign identity card will be issued after registration. The following documents must be submitted for registration:

- Passport (original);
- Certified copy of passport;
- Student's request for an entry visa;
- Two recent 3x4cm photographs, against a white background;
- Proof of payment of registration fees.

Students can fill out the Federal Police registration form and schedule an appointment for application filing at the closest Federal Police office through this webpage.

Renewing the visa

Students must request visa renewal at the Federal Police office at least 30 days prior to expiration. Proof of formal enrolment at UFMG as a student will be required by the Federal Police for visa renewal.

Obtaining a CPF

CPF is the Brazilian individual taxpayer registry number. It is currently required by Brazilian authorities and by the private sector for the provision of different services in Brazil. You can apply for a CPF either from your home country or when in Brazil. To apply at a local consular service in your home country, please follow the instructions and fill out the form available here.

In Brazil, you can apply for a CPF at the local post office or any Banco do Brasil and CaixaEconômica Federal branch. Usually, a CPF number is created immediately or within one or two working days. After one week, you can check your CPF number on Receita Federal (Federal Revenue Service) website, and within a few weeks you will receive a CPF card by mail at your address in Brazil. To apply for a CPF number while in Brazil you will need the following documents:

- passport;
- proof of address in Brazil (the address where your CPF card will be sent to);
- birth or marriage certificate.

Registering at UFMG as a graduate student

Registration at UFMG is carried out in an online process by the student through the UFMG Moodle system (link) once the SMARH secretariathas created an account for the student in the system. To register, foreign students mustsubmit the following documents according to UFMG DRCA (Department of Academic Registration and Control) requirements:

- Passport: specifically, a copy of (1) the identification page, and (2) the pages bearing the entry visa to Brazil (types: permanent, temporary I, IV, V, or Mercosur Residence Agreement). For students holding a visa that will expire in less than 30 days, a copy of the extension form issued by the Federal Police is also required;
- Alien Identity Card issued by the Federal Police with RNE (National Registry of Foreigners) number;
- Document stating the student'saffiliation;
- Individual Taxpayer ID (CPF);
- Proof of residence in Brazil;
- Proof of completion of an undergraduate program accredited by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (registered diploma, certificate or statement that the student has completed the undergraduate program).

For undergraduate programs completed abroad, the following documents must be provided:

- Copy of the undergraduate diploma bearing aconsular authentication seal;
- Sworn translation into Portuguese of the undergraduate diploma (except for diplomas issued in Spanish, English or French). The translation should be done by a public translator residing in Brazil. Sworn translators are registered in trade boards or similar bodies in each Brazilian state. To find translators in Minas Gerais, please check JUCEMG website.

Note: Diplomas of strictosensugraduate programs (master's or doctoral degree), issued by Brazilian Ministry of Education-accredited institutions, may be accepted instead of undergraduate program diplomas if duly registered and issued by duly legalized foreign institutions. Please observe the same conditions as above regarding diploma translation.Please contact Brazilian Consulates in your home country for more information on diploma authentication and the authentication of other documents issued by foreign institutions.

Students admitted at the PPG SMARH under the Continuous open public admission process for foreign candidates and for Brazilians who are permanent residents in foreign countries must demonstrated that they will be funded by a foreign or international organisation throughout their education at UFMG.

Important Notes

Plan to come at least 2 weeks before classes starts so that you have sufficient time to find a place to live and for registering with the Federal Police.

Foreign students under Temporary Visa IV are not allowed to work during their stay in Brazil.

Do not consider the possibility of changing visa category upon arrival in Brazil. This is not permitted by the National Immigration Service.

When you receive your foreign identity card, check to see if all details are correct (full name, parentage, date of birth and nationality). In case of any mistakes, request immediate correction at the same location to prevent future problems.

All documents in a foreign language must be certified by Brazilian consular authorities and officially translated into Portuguese language to be valid in Brazil.

All foreign visitors must have a passport and an entrance visa. The passport must be valid for the entire period of stay in the country. The temporary visas usually granted to visiting students are those of Vitem IV. These visas are obtained at the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate closest to the student's country of origin, before his/her arrival in Brazil.

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